May 26th, 2016.

Hi Folks,

As you may have heard, a gentlemen by the name of Mike Molesevich has won the Democratic party nomination via a successful write-in campaign, and will be a candidate for Congress here in our 10th district this November.

I entered the race on February 17th, the day after the filing deadline for either Republican or Democratic party candidates to declare their candidacy.

I announced that I would seek election to the People’s seat here in our 10th Congressional District, as an independent, when it appeared that our three term incumbent Congressman would go unchallenged and because in a two-way race there was a realistic, although admittedly challenging, path to victory.

When months later, three different candidates announced that they would seek the Democratic nomination via write-in, we looked ahead to the possibility that one of them might succeed, and have reevaluated whether there still exists a realistic path to victory for an independent candidate.

I am sorry to report to you today that I do not believe that a path to victory still exists. The nature of our Congressional district's gerrymandered boundaries, in combination with our Commonwealth's straight party voting mechanism, which I might add is only still lawful in nine states, work against independent and third party candidates and significantly favors the reelection of Republican and Democratic party candidates.

That being the case, I simply can not and will not ask folks to volunteer their time and ask them to donate from their hard-earned livings to a race that I do not believe can be won. I therefore, am suspending our campaign.

It has been more than six months since I announced the launch of our Exploratory Committee, and more than three months since we launched our Campaign. Dozens and dozens of volunteers have worked hard to get us this far and I am so grateful for everyone's enthusiasm, dedication and hard work. I wish I could find stronger words to convey that message, I am SO VERY THANKFUL for everyone's hard work.

I set out more than a year ago to learn everything I possibly could about out federal budget, its process, as well as every idea to fix it I could get my hands on.

I must report to you that however bad you think our country's fiscal challenges are, that they are in reality, orders of magnitude worse. If you understood as I do just how badly the folks who we've trusted to represent us in government have failed us, then you too would do as I have done and attempt to move Heaven and Earth to right our country's fiscal ship. It's THAT bad.

I am as determined today, as I was more than six months ago when we launched our Exploratory Committee, to do everything that I am capable of doing to set our country on a sound fiscal path.

Until next time.